Scrumptious stepover


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Scrumptious stepover
Scrumptious stepover

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Stepover trees are used primarily for edging a border or pathway or to divide the kitche/vegetable garden. These very tiny trees are just 18” in height with two side laterals from the main stem forming a capital ‘T’ shape. The stepover tree is an ormamental addition to your garden and these trees are grown on the smallest avaailable rootstock, M27. Plant 120-150cm’s apart.

Scrumptious is a new arrival from Kent and so good it sells out each year. The flavour is superb, very much in the old style, complex and full of nuances. Scrumptious is also self-fertile so a valuable addition to the list of apples which can grow on their own. Highly recommended.

Scrumptious stepover apple tree – Season:

Pick from the tree in late September. Keeps until November, but so delicious there may not be any left for storing. .

Scrumptious – appearance:

Very pretty; mostly covered in a jolly red flush. Medium sized apple, white flesh.

Scrumptious apple trees – flavour:

Complex, more-ish and unique. Sweet but with some underlying acidity, has been likened to pear drops, liquorice and cherries, but is also quite honeyed and sweet.


A dessert apple.

Cropping & Growth

Neat and freely spurring, precocious too – often yields well the first season after planting.

Scrumptious Apple Trees - Pollination: Scrumptious is itself self-fertile so does not need other trees. It is in group ‘B’ and is also an excellent pollinator for varieties in the same or adjacent groups.



out of 40 ratings

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