Adams Pearmain


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Adams Pearmain
Adams Pearmain is an old heirloom variety thought to have arisen in 1826. It is still valued by connoisseurs for it's rich flavour.


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This very old heirloom variety was first described in 1826. It remains popular amongst connoisseurs and was once also grown as a decorative apple. It has also been known as Hanging Pearmain and breifly enjoyed popularity as a market apple in the London area.

Adams Pearmain – Season:

Adams Pearmain ripens around mid October, but will store very late, often until March so it is a very valuable apple for that purpose.

Adams Pearmain – appearance:

This is a medium sized evenly conical ‘tall’ apple with red and orange stripes and speckles over a greenish gold base. Sometimes has slight russet patches.

Adams Pearmain – flavour:

This variety has quite a firm cream flesh. The flavour is that of a classic English apple – nutty, rich and aromatic, although it can be a little dry.


A dessert apple; also for table decoration and exhibition when grown well.

Cropping & Growth

Adams Pearmain is a tree of moderate vigour and slightly spreading habit. A good cropper most years.

Suitable for all growing methods; bush, cordon, column, fan or espalier training, stepover, miniature tree.

Adams Pearmain - Pollination: Pollination group is ‘B’ so choose any varieties in that group to partner. Here are some suggested varieties:


Allington Pippin

Exeter X

Fall Russet




out of 27 ratings



out of 27 ratings