Peach & Nectarine fan trees

Fan Training Peach & Nectarine trees
If you have a sunny south or west facing wall then you can easily train a Peach or Nectarine against it. They will revel in these warm, sunny conditions and produce fantastic crops.

Cultivation hints for training fan Peach & Nectarine
Such trees will require a space of around 6-8′ in height and width and a fairly good loamy soil. If you have any reservations about the soil [which can often be poor aganst a wall] then improve it with the addition of compost or organic matter, and add a dressing of bonemeal too.

Another point to remember is that the soil next to walls or fences can often be dry asn it is partially protected from rainfall. So make sure newly planted trees are well irrigated until established.

To safeguard yor investment [your new fan trained Peach or Nectarine tree] you might want to install a simple trickle irrigation system by way of the leaky hose. That way you can water your tree regularly and easily each summer. This will result in the largest juiciest fruits.

Our cultivation guide isincluded with the trees that tells you how to prune them, as well as lots of other advice.
Peach Leaf Curl

Is easier to avoid when trees are grown against a wall. The spores are spread by water droplets so by keeping the foliage clean during the key period when the new leaves are emerging during the spring, you can avoid this unsightly disease. Cover the trees with polythene sheeting for that wek or two, to keep them dry.

Varieties to fan train
You can fan train any cultivars of Peach and Nectarine; some of our favourites for outdoor growing are Peach Peregrine, Duke of York or Amsden June. And for a Nectarine Lord Napier is most reliable.

If you are growing in a greenhouse you can also grow any of the above.

PLEASE NOTE – IMPORTANT We supply young trees ready to train yourself in situ, they do not come as ready-trained trees.


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Peregrine Peach tree
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Early Rivers Peach tree
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Duke of York Peach tree
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Rochester Peach tree
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Red Haven Peach tree
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Amsden June peach trees
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