Quince trees

Quince trees are a traditional, old fashioned delight!

Although neglected for decades, Quince trees seem to be making a comeback and each year we sell more and more of them. They should not be confused with the Japonica shrub [Chaenomeles] which is also sometimes called a Quince. The Quince tree can fulfil two roles in the garden; as a productive tree and an ornamental.

The large downy, pear shaped fruits have a truly entrancing aroma; just 2 or 3 of the rather large wrighty fruits brought indoors will scent a room delightfully. They can be lightly simmered with apples or pears, added to apple tarts, or used to make Quince jelly - a traditional accompaniment to gamey meats.

The tree itself is quite slow growing and generally of manageable proportions. Expect a tree of 360-400cm's in height and spread on maturity. The oval, downy leaves and single rose like pink flowers [which appear in May] make for a tree with a dignified beauty.

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Generally suited to most soils except the poorly drained, Quinces will thrive in full sun or part shade. They are slow growing but quite hardy in all but the most exposed situations. They do not really require any pruning except for the removal of dead growth on older specimens. They can be planted year-round, either as bare-root trees in Winter, or from containers during the growing season. We are generally able to supply our Quince trees year round.

All varieties are self-fertile; Vranja [pronounced 'Vranya'] and Meeches Prolific remain the best varieties.

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