Tips and Tricks for Planting Your Garden Tips and Tricks for Planting Your Garden

Change is in the air and it’s not just inside the home. You’ve decided that it’s time to transform your garden into everything that you’ve always wanted. The question is how to begin the process. You don’t really think that choosing to buy fruit trees UK and plant them in any old spot in the garden is the way to go. In fact, you’re correct. You need a plan of action in order to develop a garden that you will love. Here are some tips that will help.

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Take Care of Fruit Trees in the Summer Take Care of Fruit Trees in the Summer

While summer can mean enjoying rain now and then, don’t assume that it will be enough to keep the trees in top condition. Be prepared to water the trees at least a few times a week. While it’s fine to skip a day when it’s rained, don’t allow the trees to go more than three days without some sort of water.

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First choose a rootstock because this decides how big the tree will grow. Dwarfing trees on Pixy stock are best for smaller areas but if you have an orchard then vigorous St Julien stock will be more appropriate. Damsons are very hardy and can grow well even in the North. Good fertile reasonably drained soil is best. Pruning consists of removing lower branches and shortening long leaders in late Summer.

Siting your fruit trees Siting your fruit trees

Although for some there may be no choice when it comes to exactly where to plant your trees, if there are options available some thought as to the trees’ requirements will pay dividends in the long term. No fruit tree really likes to be in the shade so for a start choose the sunniest spot you can. Shelter from prevailing winds is also key; blossoms and developing fruits are prone to spring gales and established trees too can suffer in strong winter winds.

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