Beth Pear stepover


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Beth Pear stepover
The attractive pale yellow fruits ripen from late August and have an excellent super-sweet flavour.

One of the earliest pears to ripen.

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Stepover trees are used primarily for edging a border or pathway or to divide the kitchen/vegetable garden. These very tiny trees are just 18” in height with two side laterals from the main stem forming a capital ‘T’ shape. The stepover tree is an ormamental addition to your garden and these trees are grown on the Quince C rootstock. Plant 120-150cm’s apart

Beth is an excellent early variety from East Malling [Kent] This dessert Pear has exceptional eating qualities and is also a heavy cropper. A neat and fairly compact grower.

Beth fan stepover Pear Tree – season

Eating early September through to early October.

Beth Pear – appearance

A medium sized fruit, classical bottom-heavy pear shape, ripening to a beautiful primrose yellow and filled with juice.


Intensely sweet, develops a wonderful scent, full of juice and very tender texture.

Beth Pear – Pollination

Beth is in ‘B’ pollination group so partner with any varieties in the same or adjacent groups. Here are some suggested varieties:

Williams bon Chretien




Improved Fertility



out of 33 ratings

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