Blenheim Orange stepover


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Blenheim Orange stepover
An old English variety that originated in Oxfordshire. Large and versatile, suits dual purpose. Very good flavour, the large fruits store well.

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Stepover trees are used primarily for edging a border or pathway or to divide the kitche/vegetable garden. These very tiny trees are just 18” in height with two side laterals from the main stem forming a capital ‘T’ shape. The stepover tree is an ormamental addition to your garden and these trees are grown on the smallest avaailable rootstock, M27. Plant 120-150cm’s apart.

Blenheim Orange is a very old variety discovered in Oxfordshire in the 1700’s, Blenheim Orange is one of the most famous English apples.

Blenheim Orange stepover Apple tree – Season:

Mid-late Season; harvest in November and enjoy through January.

Blenheim Orange Apple - appearance:

A large dull yellow apple with some red flush.

Blenheim Orange stepover apple treesflavour:

Sub-acid to almost savoury with a slight nuttiness. Not too sweet yet not too tart, it strikes a good balance and is a very good eating variety with a crumbly cream flesh.


Very much known as a dual purpose variety, has very fine eating qualities for dessert but also cooks well so a very useful variety to have.

Cropping & Growth

Vigorous and easy to grow, largely healthy. Partly tip-bearing so better as a bush tree.

Blenheim Orange - Pollination: This variety is a Triploid so is best grown with two other mid season flowering varieties to achieve full cropping potential.

out of 21 ratings



out of 21 ratings

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