Carlisle Codlin Mini M27


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Carlisle Codlin Mini M27
An excellent, hardy and productive cooker.

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Carlisle Codlin Miniature M27Apple Trees

This tree is grown on miniature M27 stock. M27 is a rootstock that produces the smallest tree of all; maturing to around 180cm’s in height and width, this tree is ideal for a container or small garden, courtyard or allotment. It should be staked if in a windy or open position. Crops can exceed 20ibs per tree when established and this rootstock is quite precocious, often yielding the year following planting.

A variety of considerable antiquity. Still popular in Northern areas, this is a verybproductive little tree that every year produces generous quantities of fruit for cooking.

Carlisle Codlin M27apple tree – Season:

Pick from early September and can be used through October.

Miniature M27 Carlisle Codlin – appearance:

Small to medium sized, almost entirely pale green ripening to soft yellow. Flesh a clean white.

Carlisle Codlin apple treesflavour:

Lots of fruity flavour.


A cooking variety which cooks to a juicy puree. When baked erupts into white apple froth.

Cropping & Growth

Quite compact and freely spurring, heavy cropper & hardy.

Carlisle Codlin - Pollination: Pollination group ‘B’ so pollinate with varieties in the same or adjacent groups.

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out of 24 ratings



out of 24 ratings