Cox`s Orange Pippin


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Cox`s Orange Pippin
Englands most famous and eatable Apple, here in a wide variety of forms suited to every garden or application.

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Cox’s Orange Pippin Apple Trees for sale

Englands most famous – and eatable – apple has it’s origins in the early 1800’s in Buckinghamshire. Often considered the most finely flavoured apple of all, to sample Cox’s at it’s best you should pick your own fruits when properly ripe. Most commercial samples sold in shops are brought into refrigeration far too early and do not taste as a Cox should.

Cox’s Orange Pippin – Season:

Commercial samples are often yanked from the tree too early which robs them of some of their flavour nuances. For optimum flavour pick around early October and enjoy in storage until January.

Cox’s Orange Pippin – appearance:

Medium green base, becoming yellower, variably covered by orange red flush and stripes. Just alittle russeting may be present.

Cox’s Orange Pippin – flavour

Excitingly dynamic, rich, aromatic and fruity. Cream-yellow flesh. Texture is quite crisp, mellowing the longer it is stored.


A dessert apple that should not be hurried but savoured.

Cropping & Growth

Moderate vigour. Hardy enough but somewhat disease prone.

Cox’s Orange Pippin - Pollination: Pollination group ‘B’ so pollinate with varieties in the same or adjacent groups. Do not rely on cox sports for pollination. Here are some good pollinators for Cox's Orange:



Charles Ross

Cornish Aromatic

Allington Pippin

Arthur Turner


Adams Pearmain

Tree sizes for Cox’s Orange Pippin:

M27 is a miniature stock, ideal for very small gardens, pots on the patio etc. Grows to around 180cm’s. Good hearty soil is preferred.

M9 is classed as dwarfing and a good intermiate stock. Matures to 200cm’s plus with a similar spread. M9 is heavy cropping and promotes larger fruits, but needs permanent staking and good soil.

M26 stock Is classed as semi-dwarfing. Does well on poorer soil. Reaches 300cm’s+ with the same spread.

MM106 is vigorous and the best choice for where a larger ‘orchard sized’ tree is required. Grows 4m+ with the same spread and suitable for most soils.



out of 22 ratings

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