Crispin stepover


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Crispin stepover
A large and densely crunchy green apple that is refreshingly juicy and stores late.

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Stepover trees are used primarily for edging a border or pathway or to divide the kitche/vegetable garden. These very tiny trees are just 18” in height with two side laterals from the main stem forming a capital ‘T’ shape. The stepover tree is an ormamental addition to your garden and these trees are grown on the smallest avaailable rootstock, M27. Plant 120-150cm’s apart.

Quite a popular variety in the UK for some years, so it might come as a surprise to learn it is actually a Japanese variety, where it was named ‘Mustu’ and re-named ‘Crispin’ for the UK market in the 1960’s. This apple is a vigorous triploid, better on a dwarfing stock whereupon it can make a very, very good garden tree and is ideal for those who like dense, crunchy apples.

Crispin stepover Apple tree – Season:

Leave to hang on the tree until mid-late October. Will store well into the Spring in good condition.

Crispin Apple - appearance:

A large apple – often very large – uniform pale green, develops a slight yellow flush with storage. On the tree a very occasional bronze flush.

Crispin apple trees – flavour:

Very crisp, firm and dense flesh with plenty of juice. Flavour juicy, clean and refreshing, can become slightly scented.


Valued as a dessert apple but can also suit cooking purposes. In America it is used for pies and it will keep it’s shape when cooked with a light, sweet flavour.

Cropping & Growth

Vigorous, spreading and very heavily cropping. Excels on M9 or M27 stock and can also be grown well as a trained tree.

Crispin - Pollination: This is a triploid variety so needs planting ideally with two other varieties to achieve full cropping potential. The choice of pollinating partners is wide. Here are some good suggestions:

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out of 36 ratings

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