Czar fan Plum


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Czar fan Plum
A good reliable cropper, suitable for south, west or east facing aspects.

Ripening late July to early August.

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Fan trained Plum trees are used against a wall; you will need not less than 180 x 180cm’s for a fan or espalier tree. Please note we do not supply ready trained trees; this 'Czar' is a young tree suitable for training yourself, in situ. Such trees usually settle to cropping within 2 or 3 seasons.

The Czar is one of the most popular of all Plum tree varieties and is always recommended as a durable, hardy cropper. It suits dual purpose and is also self fertile & easy to grow.

Czar plum tree – season

Usually ripening from laye July/early August.

Czar Plum – appearance & flavour

No more than medium sized, semi circular dark violet-purple. Mostly used for cooking but also suits dessert. Good flavour.

Czar – pollination

Self fertile so fine on it’s own.



out of 33 ratings

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