D`arcy Spice fan espalier


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D`arcy Spice fan espalier
Has a characteristic spicy taste in a good year.

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D’arcy Spice fan espalier Apple trees

Espalier or fan trees are used against a wall; you will need not less than 180 x 180cm’s for a fan or espalier tree. Please note we do not supply ready trained trees; this D’arcy Spice is a young tree suitable for training yourself, in situ. Such trees usually settle to cropping within 2 or 3 seasons.

D’arcy Spice is a variety from Essex that dates back to the 17th century. Famed for it’s unique, complex flavour.

D’arcy Spice Apple tree – Season:

Leave on the tree late – early mid November even, as the flavour nuances take a long time to develop. Keepn in store, will last until the Spring.

D’arcy Spice - appearance:

Not a pretty apple, small, olive green with a purple bronze flush and some russet stippling.

D’arcy Spice apple treesflavour:

Can develop distinct notes of cinnamon and nutmeg with a good undelying balance of sweetness and acidity. However needs a warm prolonged autumn to develop it’s flavour well and can be metallic and dull.


For dessert use.

Cropping & Growth

Moderate to light vigour amd an erratic cropper. Can be difficult to grow well and young trees may be disproportionately small.

D’arcy Spice - Pollination: ‘B’ Pollination group, so use varieties with the same or adjacent pollinating prefixes.

out of 34 ratings



out of 34 ratings