Dr Jules Guyot cordon


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Dr Jules Guyot cordon
An early variety with very attractive blushed fruits; good flavour.

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Cordon Pear trees are a good choice for restricted areas and a fence or wall. They can be grown at a 45degree angle, or upright. The rootstock we use for our cordon is Quince C which is the best stock for cordon trees. Plant 60-80cm’s apart.

This variety was named for a pre-eminent Viticulturalist in 1870’s France. It is a good early dessert Pear. The tree is upright and compact in habit.

Dr Jules Guyot Pear Tree – season

Can be harvested from late August. Make sure it is properly ripe, but not overly-ripe to enjoy at it’s best.

Dr Jules Guyot Pear – appearance

Smooth, dumpy outline and a skin that ripens to a pretty pale yellow, sometimes with a rosy blush.


Can be gritty if caught at the wrong time, but at it’s best tender, juicy, sweet and honey-like in flavour.

Dr Jules Guyot Pear – Pollination

This variety is in pollination group ‘C’ so should be partnered with varieties in the same or adjacent groups. Here are some suggestions:




Beurre Hardy



Williams bon Chretien



out of 36 ratings

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