Durondeau Pear trees


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Durondeau Pear trees
A popular choice for it's self fertile blossoms and rather compact habit. Can also double as an ornamental tree as it has excellent red/orange autumn leaf colour!

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A variety popular as one of the small group of self fertile or partially self fertile Pear trees for the garden. However it could not be termed as the best for the purpose; although some fruits will be borne on lone trees the yield will benefit from the presence of other trees. Plus the growth of Durondeau is fairly weak and is best suited to good soils. That said, Durondeau certainly has it’s attributes, it is a beautiful Pear in fruit, the autumn foliage colour is a splendid dark red – most attractive – and it has a very good flavour. Druondeau was Belgium raised, in 1811.

Durondeau Pear Tree – season

Suitable for use through October and November.

Durondeau Pear – appearance

A large Pear usually covered by a fine golden russet, often blended with a rusty red cheek.


Very good, sweet, tender and juicy, just a little underlying acidity gives a well rounded flavour.

Durondeau Pear – Pollination

Durondeau is partially self fertile so does need any other varieties to pollinate. It is itself in group ‘B’ so can be used to pollinate any varieties in the same or radjacent groups & these varieties can also be used to maximise the crop of Durondeau.

Tree sizes for Durondeau Pear trees:

Quince C rootstock

Is the most compact stock generally used for Pears. It can be maintained at an easily harvested 180-260cm’s and can be planted around 150-180cm’s apart. Quince ‘C’ is easily the most satisfactory rootstock for garden use and can even be incorporated into a large – say 24” – container and kept on the patio. Such trees may be restricted below the 180cm mark.

Quince A rootstock

Is more vigorous than Quince ‘C’ and is ideal for orchard planting, grassy area’s and the larger border. It will grow to 250-350cm’s and should be planted not less than 250cm’s apart. A heavy cropping tree suitable for most good soils and situations.

out of 34 ratings



out of 34 ratings