Gorham dwarf pear tree


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Gorham dwarf pear tree
Often sought after for the superb flavour, this second ewarly variety has a good neat upright habit.

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This tree is grown on dwarf Quince C stock which is compact and makes the smallest Pear tree of all. Trees can be maintained at around 180cm’s in height with a similar spread, perhaps a little less if contained in a 20” pot. The trees are easy to manage and easy to harvest!

Gorham is an upright growing tree that is healthy and easy to manage. Gorham ripens as a second early Pear and is often selected for the perfect flavour.

Gorham Pear Tree – season

Harvest from mid September and keep for about 5 days before consuming.

Gorham Pear – appearance

Somewhat oval olive green, slightly covered in russet, yellowing slightly on ripening. Small to medium sized fruits of good even quality.


Pure white tender, melting flesh, lots of juice and a lightly musky very sweet taste. Often considered one of the finest dessert pears.

Gorham Pear – Pollination

Gorham is in pollination group ‘C’ so will partner well with any varieties in the same or adjacent groups. Here are some suggested varieties:


Williams bon Chretien

Glou Morceau



out of 21 ratings



out of 21 ratings

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