Greensleeves apple tree


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Greensleeves apple tree
This is a superb self-fertile apple tree for garden use, reliable and heavy cropping. Fruits are ripe from late September and have a clean, refreshing, juicy character. Highly recommended.

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One of the best and most popular garden apple trees; Greensleeves was introduced in 1977 from EMRS in Kent, and is a cross between James Grieve x Golden Delicious. In charactern it resembles a better version of the latter.

Greensleeves Apple tree – Season:

Harvest late September, can be used through to late November.

Greensleeves Apple - appearance:

Medium sized, pale green ripening to pale yellow with usually no other coloration.

Greensleeves apple trees – flavour:

Very crisp, juicy, sweet yet refreshing.


Mostly favoured for dessert use but can be cooked with and useful for open flans where appearance of the sliced fruit is important.

Cropping & Growth

Medium vigour, heavily cropping and trouble free.

Greensleeves - Pollination: Greensleeves is self fertile so useful for one-tree gardens. It is ‘B’ Pollination group, and is an excellent pollinator for other varieties in those and adjacent groups.

Tree sizes for Greensleeves apple trees for sale:

M27 is a miniature stock, ideal for very small gardens, pots on the patio etc. Grows to around 180cm’s. Good hearty soil is preferred.

M9 is classed as dwarfing and a good intermiate stock. Matures to 200cm’s plus with a similar spread. M9 is heavy cropping and promotes larger fruits, but needs permanent staking and good soil.

M26 stock Is classed as semi-dwarfing. Does well on poorer soil. Reaches 300cm’s+ with the same spread.

MM106 is vigorous and the best choice for where a larger ‘orchard sized’ tree is required. Grows 4m+ with the same spread and suitable for most soils.

out of 75 ratings



out of 75 ratings