Idared Apple tree


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Idared Apple tree
A true dual purpose variety that suits either application. Cooks and bakes really well, but most acceptable as a dessert too when fully ripe. The clean white flesh is dense and crunchy, the mild sub-acid flavour sweetens later on. Stores for absolutely ages!

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A popular large dual purpose apple and a good garden apple tree. USA raised, 1942.

Idared Apple tree – Season:

Idared is quite late and best havrested not before the end of October. The fruits are quite thick skinned and will stand light frosts on the tree. They will then keep in store until the Spring.

Idared - appearance:

Large and solid, brightly coloured with a glorious spread of rich crimson red over a green yellow base, Interior is virtually white.

Idared apple trees – flavour:

Light, sweet-savoury and pleasantly fruity. Cooked, needs little or no sugar and retains it’s shape. A very versatile apple and a good one to have in store.


An excellent cooker but very much dual purpose too. More than acceptable for dessert in the Spring.

Cropping & Growth

The tree is moderately vigorous and fairly conservative. Hardy.

Idared - Pollination: ‘A’ pollination group, use varieties with the same or adjacent groups to pollinate successfully. Here are some suggested varieties:

Fall Russet

Christmas Pearmain

Egremont Russet




Beauty of Bath

Tree sizes for Idared apple trees for sale:

M27 is a miniature stock, ideal for very small gardens, pots on the patio etc. Grows to around 180cm’s. Good hearty soil is preferred.

M9 is classed as dwarfing and a good intermiate stock. Matures to 200cm’s plus with a similar spread. M9 is heavy cropping and promotes larger fruits, but needs permanent staking and good soil.

M26 stock Is classed as semi-dwarfing. Does well on poorer soil. Reaches 300cm’s+ with the same spread.

MM106 is vigorous and the best choice for where a larger ‘orchard sized’ tree is required. Grows 4m+ with the same spread and suitable for most soils.

out of 35 ratings



out of 35 ratings