Idared stepover


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Idared stepover
A good dual purpose apple with a handsome colouring and clean white densely crunchy flesh.  Stores very late.

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Stepover trees are used primarily for edging a border or pathway or to divide the kitche/vegetable garden. These very tiny trees are just 18” in height with two side laterals from the main stem forming a capital ‘T’ shape. The stepover tree is an ormamental addition to your garden and these trees are grown on the smallest avaailable rootstock, M27. Plant 120-150cm’s apart.

Idared is a popular large dual purpose apple and a good garden apple tree. USA raised, 1942.

Idared stepover Apple tree – Season:

Idared is quite late and best havrested not before the end of October. The fruits are quite thick skinned and will stand light frosts on the tree. They will then keep in store until the Spring.

Idared - appearance:

Large and solid, brightly coloured with a glorious spread of rich crimson red over a green yellow base, Interior is virtually white.

Idared apple trees – flavour:

Light, sweet-savoury and pleasantly fruity. Cooked, needs little or no sugar and retains it’s shape. A very versatile apple and a good one to have in store.


An excellent cooker but very much dual purpose too. More than acceptable for dessert in the Spring.

Cropping & Growth

The tree is moderately vigorous and fairly conservative. Hardy.

Idared - Pollination: ‘A’ pollination group, use varieties with the same or adjacent groups to pollinate successfully. Here are some suggested varieties:

Beauty of Bath

Egremont Russet

Christmas Pearmain



out of 37 ratings



out of 37 ratings

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