Invincible dwarf pear tree


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Invincible dwarf pear tree
Invincible is an ideal new variety for garden growing because it is very frost resistant and constistantly high yielding.

The fruits will store; self fertile too!

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This tree is grown on dwarf Quince C stock which is compact and makes the smallest Pear tree of all. Trees can be maintained at around 180cm’s in height with a similar spread, perhaps a little less if contained in a 20” pot. The trees are easy to manage and easy to harvest!

Invincible is aptly named, for this French raised newcomer produces blossoms usually in two separate flushes, meaning that during frosty seasons it is more likely to yield where other Pears may fail. A very heavy cropper and a good grower suitable for all areas. A highly recommended new Pear variety.

Invincible dwarf Pear Tree – season

This variety has a very long season and can be picked from early-mid September to early-mid October, and may then be enjoyed from storage until February or later.

Invincible Pear – appearance

A long deep emerald green pear, yellowing only slightly when fully ripe.


Has a good flavour, crisply juicy and sweet with little or no acidity, but make sure the fruits are properly ripe before eating.

Invincible Pear – Pollination

Invincible is fully self fertile so does well on it’s own with no need for pollinating partners. It is also a great pollinator for other varieties in the A,B or C pollination groups.



out of 28 ratings

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