Irish Peach cordon


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Irish Peach cordon
Very early variety, ready to eat from the tree from late July. Lovely flavour, an old variety.

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Cordon Apple trees are a good choice for restricted areas and a fence or wall. They can be grown at a 45degree angle, or upright. The rootstock we use for our cordon is M9 which is the best stock for cordon trees. Plant 60-80cm’s apart.

Iris Peach - this very old variety has it’s origins traced to County Sligo in ireland, back in 1819. A valued early variety that can be enjpyed straight from the tree.

Irish Peach cordon Apple tree – Season:

Very early, pick and eat straight from the tree in early August, sometimes even earlier.

Irish Peach - appearance:

Circular to conical, small to medium in size, then pale yellow ground colour heavily flushed with dark red.

Irish Peach apple treesflavour:

Good flavour; fresh and sprightly with a good balance of sweetness and acidity. Does not store.


A fresh dessert apple.

Cropping & Growth

Vigorous, high yielding, partially tip bearing.

Irish Peach - Pollination: ‘A’ pollination group, use varieties with the same or adjacent groups to pollinate successfully.  Here are some suggested varieties:

Beauty of Bath


Egremont Russet

Christmas Pearmain


Granny Smith

out of 31 ratings



out of 31 ratings