Jubilee cordon plum tree


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Jubilee cordon plum tree
Highly recommended, this Swedish variety is very prolific and very hardy.

The fruits have fine eating qualities and ripen before Victoria, a variety it has replaced as the most popular of all.

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Cordon Plum trees are a good choice for restricted areas and a fence or wall. They can be grown at a 45degree angle, or upright. The rootstock we use for our cordon Jubilee is Pixy which is the best stock for cordon trees. Plant 60-80cm’s apart.

This Jubilee plum is grown on dwarf Pixy stock which is compact and makes the smallest Plum tree of all. Trees can be maintained at around 180cm’s in height with a similar spread, perhaps a little less if contained in a 20-24”” pot. The trees are easy to manage and easy to harvest with no ladders required.

Jubilee [syn ‘Jubileeum’] is a superb recent introduction from Sweden that combines hardiness, fruit quality and self-fertile flowering to a marked degree. Described as the ideal garden Plum tree and our best--selling variety. The results achieved with Jubilee and always first class. Recommended highly.

Jubilee cordon plum tree – season

Mid-late August, usually in season for about 3 weeks.

Jubilee Plum – appearance & flavour

Medium to large and light red with a yellow flesh. Flavour good, sweet and not too acid and although mostly used for dessert also cooks well.

Jubilee – pollination

Self fertile so fine on it’s own.



out of 40 ratings

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