Jumbo mini M27


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Jumbo mini M27
Very large fruits can weigh in at over 1ib each. Stores until March' a very hardy culinary variety.

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This cooking apple tree is grown on miniature M27 stock. M27 is a rootstock that produces the smallest tree of all; maturing to around 180cm’s in height and width, this tree is ideal for a container or small garden, courtyard or allotment. It should be staked if in a windy or open position. Crops can exceed 20ibs per tree when established and this rootstock is quite precocious, often yielding the year following planting.

Jumbo is a recent introduction to the range of Culinary apple trees, and a good garden variety. The fruits can attain huge size and have very versatile qualities.

Jumbo Apple tree – Season:

Harvest in October and use from storage well into Spring; a very good keeepr with little loss of texture or flavour.

Jumbo - appearance:

Very large and weighty and impressive, the solid fruits have a handsome orange blaze and some striping in red over amedium green background. Yellows and intensifies in colour with age.

Jumbo apple trees – flavour:

Relatively sweet for a cooker with a good fruity aroma. Keeps it’s teture when cooked, good for dicing, flans, tarts and pies as well as chutneys and juicing.


A culinary apple but has been enjoyed for dessert in March as it has quite high natural sugar levels for a cooker.

Cropping & Growth

Vigorous, spreading with heavy reliable crops of very large fruit. Good disease resistance and a good variety for cold areas.

Jumbo - Pollination: A triploid variety that needs to be planted with two others to achieve full potential. Here are some suggested varieties:




Charles Ross

Cox's Orange Pippin




out of 19 ratings



out of 19 ratings