King of the Pippins apple trees


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King of the Pippins apple trees
A very old variety of some antiquity with a lovely complex flavour. Very versatile - suits dessert, cooking, flans, juicing, een cider. Hardy; will store late.

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Syn Reine de Reinettes. Possibly of UK or French origin, but very old.

King of the Pippins – season Harvest mid October; keeps in store until January/February.

King of the Pippins - appearance:                                                                                                                           

Medium sized, rounded light green yellow with a slight orange flush.

King of the Pippins apple treesflavour:

Quite sweet but with a balancing acidity. Versatile, suits dessert and cooking.


Dessert use, flans and tarts, juicing and even cider. An apple of many talents.

Cropping & Growth

Medium vigour, neat and upright. Late flowering so usually avoids frosts.

King of the Pippins - Pollination: ‘D’ pollination group, use varieties with the same or adjacent groups to pollinate successfully. Here are some suggested varieties:

Charles Ross


Court Pendu Plat

Annie Elizabeth

American Mother

Chivers Delight

Tree sizes for King of the Pippins apple trees:

M27 is a miniature stock, ideal for very small gardens, pots on the patio etc. Grows to around 180cm’s. Good hearty soil is preferred.

M9 is classed as dwarfing and a good intermediate stock. Matures to 200cm’s plus with a similar spread. M9 is heavy cropping and promotes larger fruits, but needs permanent staking and good soil.

M26 stock Is classed as semi-dwarfing. Does well on poorer soil. Reaches 300cm’s+ with the same spread.

MM106 is vigorous and the best choice for where a larger ‘orchard sized’ tree is required. Grows 4m+ with the same spread and suitable for most soils.

out of 23 ratings



out of 23 ratings