Kirkes Blue dwarf Pixy


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Kirkes Blue dwarf Pixy
This beautiful blue plum is famed for it's eating qualities, with a very juicy and very sweet flesh. Ripens mid-season; not a heavy cropper.

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This tree is grown on dwarf Pixy stock which is compact and makes the smallest Plum tree of all. Trees can be maintained at around 180cm’s in height with a similar spread, perhaps a little less if contained in a 20-24”” pot. The trees are easy to manage and easy to harvest with no ladders required.

This is a variety that produces quality rather than quantity but the flavour is amongst the best and Kirkes Blue is highly regarded by those ‘who know’ A dessert plum with some very fine eating qualities.

Kirkes Blue fan plum tree – season

Mid September season.

Kirkes Blue Plum – appearance & flavour

Ripens to a beautiful dark violet-blue, inside deep golden yellow. Very juicy, sweet, extremely fine flavour for dessert use.

Kirkes Blue – pollination

Requires a pollinator such as:







out of 19 ratings

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