Laxtons Superb fan espalier


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Laxtons Superb fan espalier
A very good perennial favourite, the quality fruits have a handsome purple red flush and a fantastic creamy flavour. Stores late.

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Espalier or fan trees are used against a wall; you will need not less than 180 x 180cm’s for a fan or espalier tree. Please note we do not supply ready trained trees; this Laxtons Superb is a young tree suitable for training yourself, in situ. Such trees usually settle to cropping within 2 or 3 seasons.

Bedfordshire apple, late 1800’s. A good Cox replacement but easier to grow. Useful storer.

Laxtons Superb fan espalier Apple tree – Season:

Pick from the tree around mid October, will store in good condition until January and sometimes longer. .

Laxtons Superb - appearance:

Medium to large in size with handsome purple red flush over pale green. White flesh,

Laxtons Superb apple treesflavour:

A Cox type apple with some of that varieties complexity and aroma, but generally sweeter with a firm white flesh.


Dessert use.

Cropping & Growth

Vigorous grower, especially in the early years. Hardy, productive and easy to grow.

Laxtons Superb - Pollination: ‘B’ pollination group, use varieties with the same or adjacent groups to pollinate successfully.



out of 32 ratings

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