Limelight cordon apple tree


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Limelight cordon apple tree
Crisply juicy and refreshing dessert fruits, which may be eaten from late September through November.

Self fertile & ideal for the one-tree garden; an excellent variety.

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Cordon Apple trees are a good choice for restricted areas and a fence or wall. They can be grown at a 45degree angle, or upright. The rootstock we use for our cordon Limelight is M9 which is the best stock for cordon trees. Plant 60-80cm’s apart.

Limelight is a very good new English Apple tree that is regarded as the ‘perfect’ garden Apple tree. Well worth considering for your planting requirements, especiall for small gardens.

Limelight cordon Apple tree – Season:

This variety can be picked in late September and eaten until late November.

Limelight - appearance:

Although not highly coloured this is an attractive apple with a very clean and shiny appearance and luminous chartreuse green/yellow colouring throughout.

Limelight apple treesflavour:

Sweet but refreshingly juicy and crisp.


A dessert apple primarily but may also be cooked with.

Cropping & Growth

A naturally small and productive tree that is easy to grow and low maintenance, needs less pruning than some. Frost and disease resistant.

Limelight - Pollination: This variety is self fertile so ideal for the one tree garden. It is in the ‘B’ pollination group and is a good pollinator for other varieties within that group.

out of 40 ratings



out of 40 ratings