Marjories Seedling Plum tree


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Marjories Seedling Plum tree
Marjories is a dependable and very useful late ripening plum, infact it is usually the last Plum to hang on the tree.

The fruits are quite large, oval-circular and light purple over green. Inside the flesh is greenish, juicy and has a good flavour. Suits dual purpose.

Hardy and self fertile too.

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Marjories Seedling is one of the best varieties and is suitable for all area’s. It is also recommended as a late-season extender and has fruits of very good quality.

Marjories Seedling plum tree – season

Late September and will hang into October providing quality late fruits.

Marjories Seedling Plum – appearance & flavour

Medium to large in size, somewhat circular, ripening to a fine deep purple usually with a dusky bloom and the occassional green flush. Flesh golden yellow with a good flavour; highly favoured for pies, jams and freezing but more than suited to dessert use when fully ripe.

Marjories Seedling – pollination

Self fertile so may be grown as a sole tree. Also a good pollinator for other varieties.

Tree sizes for Marjories Seedling plum tree:

St Julien ‘A’ A vigorous tree mostly used for field and grassy area’s, paddock and orchard. Promotes high yields and makes a good disease-resistant tree suitable for most soils and areas. It will mature to 360cm’s approx with a spread slightly less. Plant 300cm’s apart. Can be grown into half standard or bush form.

Pixy Rootstock Is the only ‘dwarf’ rootstock for Plums. An ideal choice for smaller areas and contained gardens, it is also happy being kept in a 20-24” container [using John Innes no 2 compost] Can be maintained at around 200cm’s although it will grow more without pruning. Space 180-210cm’s apart.



out of 37 ratings

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