Regina Cherry trees


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Regina Cherry trees
A good late ripening deep red Cherry which can ripen to near black. Good flavour, plenty of juice, hardy.

New from the Continent where it has performed well.

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Another valuable German raised variety which is ideally suited to the UK climate. The fruits ripen to a very dark blackish colour and have a good strong flavour. Split resistant and late season, suitable for picking in August, well after most other varieties have finished. A strong growing, easily cultivated and reliable cultivar. Requires a pollinator, most of the self-fertile varieties are ideal such as:

Summer Sun





Tree sizes for Regina cherry trees:

Colt is a semi-vigorous tree, ideal for orchard planting, grassy areas, paddock or larger lawn. It can grow to 300cm’s+ in height – and width, but is fairly adaptable and can be controlled It is the best stock for bush growing, fan training, or festooning. More tolerant of poorer soils, although these should always be improved for best results.

Gisele 5 stock This is the revolutionary new dwarfing stock for cherries which has made the cultivation of these delicious fruits on the patio, in containers, or the fruit cage a realistic possibility at last. Gisele 5 is easily maintained at around 180cm’s in height and width, even a little less in a container. This stock is more precocious than the more vigorous older rootstocks. Ideal for bush growing, or as a column, but not really suited to fan training. Best with good soil conditions.



out of 38 ratings

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