Self Fertile Cox`s mini M27


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Self Fertile Cox`s mini M27
A sport of Cox's itself with the same fruits but the flowers are self pollinmating - no need for other trees to ensure those crisp, beautifully flavoured fruits. One of the most popular varieties for the garden is this new form of Cox.

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Self fertile Cox’s cordon Apple Trees for sale

This tree is grown on miniature M27 stock. M27 is a rootstock that produces the smallest tree of all; maturing to around 180cm’s in height and width, this tree is ideal for a container or small garden, courtyard or allotment. It should be staked if in a windy or open position. Crops can exceed 20ibs per tree when established and this rootstock is quite precocious, often yielding the year following planting

This is a new form of Cox’s Orange which is a cleaner easier to grow tree and which hasself fertile blossom. A useful addition to the range of apple tree varieties suited to the one-tree garden.

Self fertile Cox’s miniature apple tree – Season:

A similar season to Cox’s; harvest late September onward and usually keeps into January.

Self fertile Cox’s  – appearance:

Medium sized pale green with broken orange red stripes and flush.

Self fertile Cox’s apple treesflavour:

The intense sweet-sharp, aromatic taste of a true Cox.


A dessert apple and also for slicing.

Cropping & Growth

Medium growth habit, slightly spreading.

Self fertile Cox - Pollination: Self fertile Cox is self fertile so does not need to be aprtnered with another tree to achieve cropping potential. It is itself in group ‘B’ for pollination so can be used in conjunction with varieties in the same or adjacent groups.

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out of 73 ratings



out of 73 ratings