Spartan fan espalier trees


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Spartan fan espalier trees
Spartan has consistently been voted one of Englands most eatable apples. The pure white interior is very sweet and has a lovely yielding texture.

This is a very reliable apple that produces very good yields on all rootstocks.

Season October-December or later.

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Espalier or fan trees are used against a wall; you will need not less than 180 x 180cm’s for a fan or espalier tree. Please note we do not supply ready trained trees; this Spartan apple tree is a young tree suitable for training yourself, in situ. Such trees usually settle to cropping within 2 or 3 seasons.

Spartan has been enormously popular in the UK for so many years it might come as a surprise to learn that this is actually an American apple, raised 1926 from a Mc Intosh cross. One of the top 10 most satisfactory garden or orchard apples.

Spartan apple tree – Season:

Spartan – appearance:

A gorgeous apple almost entirely coloured dark maroon red. Inside very white; no more than medium sized.

Spartan apple treesflavour:

The tender pure white flesh is decidedly sweet and mellow with a lightly fruity flavour. Notes of melon or strawberry are usually present.


A dessert apple.

Cropping & Growth

A ree of medium vigour, very heavy cropper.

Spartan Apple Trees - Pollination: Spartan is partly self fertile and belongs in pollination group ‘C’ and will pollinate well with any other varieties in the same of adjacent groups. Here are some suggested varieties:

Charles Ross

Annie Elizabeth



Merton Knave

Self fertile Cox's

Kidds Orange Red

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