Sunset fan espalier tree


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Sunset fan espalier tree
A variety popular for almost 100 years, the fruits do indeed develop beautiful sunset colours. A rich, Cox-type flavour from medium sized fruits that will store. Generally trouble free.

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Espalier or fan trees are used against a wall; you will need not less than 180 x 180cm’s for a fan or espalier tree. Please note we do not supply ready trained trees; this Sunset apple tree is a young tree suitable for training yourself, in situ. Such trees usually settle to cropping within 2 or 3 seasons.

Sunset is a Kentish raised variety, 1918, believed to be a Cox’s seedling. Often regarded as an ideal replacement for Cox, as it is easier to grow but has similar taste. One of the most popular garden apples which is always worth growing.

Sunset fan espalier apple tree – Season:

Pick from the tree mid October, stores well, into the New Year.

Sunset – appearance:

An attractive apple of no more than medium size, pale yellow background broadly flushed vermillion orange – sunset colours indeed.

Sunset apple treesflavour:

Quite dense, crisp texture and a superb richly aromatic flavour that is almost beyond compare.


A dessert apple.

Cropping & Growth

A tree of medium vigour, generally trouble free and reliable.

Sunset Apple Trees - Pollination: Pollination group ‘B’ partner with any varieties in the same or adjacent groups. Here are somer suggested varieties:



Kidds Orange Red




Red Windsor




out of 38 ratings

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