Winston cordon tree


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Winston cordon tree
One of the best keepers, fruits of 'Winston' habitually keep until April or beyond, with no special treatment.

Flavour is like a mild Cox.

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Cordon Apple trees are a good choice for restricted areas and a fence or wall. They can be grown at a 45degree angle, or upright. The rootstock we use for our cordon Winston is M9 which is the best stock for cordon trees. Plant 60-80cm’s apart.

Winston arose in Berkshire, 1920, from a Cox’s Orange x Worcester cross. A useful late storing apple that is easy to grow and disease resistant.

Winston cordon apple tree – Season:

Very late; harvest in November and eat from storage December to April.

Winston – appearance:

Small to medium in size, green with purplish flush and stripes, becoming brighter in storage.

Winston apple treesflavour:

An aromatic Cox-type flavour, mellows later.


A dessert apple for late use.

Cropping & Growth

Moderately vigorous, suitable for growing everywhere and easy to grow.

Winston Apple Trees - Pollination: Partly self fertile so will yield on it’s own. Pollination group ‘D’

out of 30 ratings



out of 30 ratings