Winter Nellis pear trees


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Winter Nellis pear trees
A small pear but has a lovely flavour and renowned for it's storing qualities.

A small tree of little vigour but surprisingly tough.

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A Belgian variety first known in the UK in 1818. It is only a small fruit but has a lovely flavour and stores very late. A small growing tree but frost hardy and reliable.

Winter Nellis Pear Tree – season

Keep on the tree as late as possible, late October to early November, may then be used from storage well into January/February.

Winter Nellis Pear – appearance

Small, somewhat rounded dull brown russet over green. Not a looker.


Superb; tender, lightly perfumed and aromatic with an intense aroma and very juicy flesh.

Winter Nellis Pear – Pollination

This variety belongs in ‘C’ pollination group & will pollinate readily with varieties in the same or adjacent groups. Here are some suggested varieties:


Beurre Hardy



Improved Fertility

Tree sizes for Winter Nellis Pear trees:

Quince C rootstock

Is the most compact stock generally used for Pears. It can be maintained at an easily harvested 180-260cm’s and can be planted around 150-180cm’s apart. Quince ‘C’ is easily the most satisfactory rootstock for garden use and can even be incorporated into a large – say 24” – container and kept on the patio. Such trees may be restricted below the 180cm mark.

Quince A rootstock

Is more vigorous than Quince ‘C’ and is ideal for orchard planting, grassy area’s and the larger border. It will grow to 250-350cm’s and should be planted not less than 250cm’s apart. A heavy cropping tree suitable for most good soils and situations.

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out of 20 ratings