How to Create a Backyard Oasis With Fruit Trees

While the interior of the home is already a sanctuary from the rest of the world, it would be nice to have outdoor space that provides the ability to get away from it all and allow the day's stress to drain away. One way to make the most of the outdoor space that you have is to convert the back yard into your own personal oasis. Further, you can include fruit trees in the design as a way to enhance the look and the practicality of the space. Here are some ideas of how to make this happen. 

Start By Assessing the Amount of Space You Have Available 

What are the dimensions of the back yard? Is some space taken up already by flower beds, a paved area like a patio, or possibly a storage building? Your goal is to determine how much space can be allocated to the fruit trees and still ensure the back yard has an open feel and is inviting. 

Remember that fruit trees of any type will need a certain amount of room to grow. That's not just up; many trees will also spread outward as time goes on. Even with pruning, it's important to ensure there is sufficient space for the trees to mature. By being aware of the amount of space that's available, you will find it easier to know how many trees can be used to create your oasis. 

And Have a Soil Analysis Done

It would be pointless to invest time and money in fruit trees, only to have them die before they could take root properly. In order to ensure that the trees have a good chance of thriving on your property, arrange for a soil analysis first. That analysis will tell you exactly what sort of nutrients are found in the soil, and what sort of plant life will grow there. 

Based on the analysis results, you will be in a good position to decide how to treat the soil before anything is planted. You may find that adding nutrients to the soil prior to the planting is just as important as using the right fertilizer later on. 

Using Fruit Trees Along the Fence Line

The good news is that you already have a sturdy wooden, vinyl, or masonry fence or wall around the property. That helps to create the perfect backdrop for a row of trees. In your mind's eye, envision how a row of apple, peach, and orange trees would look along the back side of the yard, with the fence behind them. 

The view from inside the house will be wonderful. Once you're in the yard proper, it will look even better. The greenery provided by the leaves coupled with the varying colors of the fruit add life to the back yard, making it the perfect place to unwind. You'll also find that trees arranged along a fence help to add more definition to the space, and provide the perfect framework for whatever is done with the rest of the grounds. 

And A Small Clump of Trees More Toward the Center

Fruit trees along the fence are just the beginning. There's no rule that says you can't have a few here and there in the rest of the yard. In fact, this approach would allow you to create one or two areas that are ideal for sitting outside and enjoying a breeze on a beautiful day. 

This is also an opportunity to make use of fruit trees that are different from the ones used along the fence. More visual interest and colors are introduced into the space. It's also helpful in terms of keeping the back yard more colorful in different seasons. When one type of tree has finished bearing fruit for the season, there's bound to be one or two other trees that are still offering something wonderful for you to pick and consume. 

Focus on Trees With Thick Foliage For Privacy

Much of the focus is on the fruit itself and making sure you have plenty of choice. Another aspect is the amount of privacy that the trees will add to your oasis. This is important, especially if the back yard is going to be a place where you can get away from the eyes of everyone, including the neighbors. 

Fruit trees with thick foliage along the fence add more privacy to the space. The same is true for small groupings of trees that you use in a couple of other areas. On those days when you want to relax in the sun and work on a tan, the odds of anyone being able to look over the fence and attempt a conversation will be kept to a minimum. 

Fruit Trees and Shade

Tree placement also matters in terms of providing a reasonable amount of shade. While there should be spaces where you can sunbathe when the mood strikes, it's also a good idea to have places to lounge in the shade. The fruit trees can provide that in more ways than one. 

Even when the trees are younger, they can cast shadows that provide shade nearby. As they grow taller and mature, you will have spaces that are ideal for placing lawn furniture underneath. The result is a beautiful space to enjoy when the weather is warm, and you would like to curl up with a book while taking in the fresh air. Those same spots can be perfect if you decide to prepare a picnic lunch for yourself and possibly a few friends. Assuming the fruit is in season, you also have the makings for a wonderful dessert close at hand. 

Consider a Mix of Self-Pollinating Trees Along With Pollinators

You already know that having a number for the fruit trees in mind is a good idea. How about the kind of trees? You are aware that some fruit trees are pollinators; that is, you will need at least two of the same tree in close proximity in order for both of them to thrive. Other trees are self-pollinating, meaning that you only need one of them. 

For this reason, do think about incorporating multiple types of trees into your design. For example, you could choose two varieties of pollinating trees to go along the back fence. Self-pollinators could be used in other parts of the yard. With proper care, all of them will thrive and add beauty as well as function to the yard for years. 

And Do Think About the Amount of Care Each Tree Will Need

One thing that you may not know is that some fruit trees need more attention than others. It's not just the type of fertilizer used or knowing when to prune them. There are trees that need a lot of care. Others require minimal care after planting. You get to decide which way you want to go, based on the time that you can devote to each of the trees. 

When you decide to mail order fruit trees for the back yard, you will find descriptions that help you determine what sort of care will be needed. Look closely at those specifications and decide if you can commit to providing the level of care needed. If so, then choosing fruit trees for the space will be simple. 

Include a Mix of Standard and Dwarf Fruit Trees

You already know that using standard trees will be great along the fence line. Have you thought about how incorporating dwarf fruit trees close to the house or near a storage shed would work? This approach could be good for the space in a couple of ways. 

One has to do with being able to add greenery and color to those spots without overpowering the areas. In the case of the storage shed, being flanked with dwarf fruit trees can help soften the hard lines of the structure. They will also help the shed to blend in with the look you're trying to achieve for the rest of the space. When you buy fruit trees UK, do consider how a mix would make the space all the better. 

Consider the Oasis a Work in Progress

Here's something that you should remember about your oasis; it will never be completed finished. You will get the space in order, plant the trees, and watch them grow. Over time, some of them will need replacing. At other times, you may decide to add another type of fruit tree in a spot that was previously left open. 

There's nothing wrong with seeing the oasis as a work in progress. Just as your tastes for indoor color schemes and furniture styles change over the years, you will also want to alter the look of the back yard from time to time. Feel free to do whatever makes the space more of your own, and all the more enjoyable for your purposes. 

Feel Free to Add Other Elements Once the Trees Are in Place

There will be other elements that you want to introduce into the oasis in addition to the fruit trees. One approach is to wait until after the initial fruit tree delivery is complete, and you have those trees planted in the areas where they are desired. This will make it easier to determine what other elements like paving stones, graveled walkways, retaining walls, and sitting areas should be placed.

Keep in mind that you will add more elements over time. For example, you may decide to add a border of flowers around the fruit trees gracing the back fence. At some point, an above ground pool may create the perfect vantage spot for taking it easy while still being able to enjoy the look of the trees found in other parts of the yard. 

Your oasis can be anything that you want it to be. Use the fruit trees and their placement as the inspiration for the rest of the space. Once the basics are in position and you're able to begin enjoying the back yard, there will be no doubt that your efforts have paid off.